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I'm happy to annouce that as of today I am now a full time Sountrack Composer, Audio Engineer, and Piano/Music Teacher!  The site will be recieving some nice updates in the very near future.  Thanks for visiting and don't hesitate to contact me!

- Aaron Trimble

Update (October 2017)

About Darklight
Welcome to Aaron Trimble Music and Darklight Audio.  My name is Aaron Trimble.  I am a soundtrack composer, sound designer, producer, and audio engineer.  I write original music for films, TV, Youtube, games, trailers, and anything else requiring a musical touch.  I also provide post-production audio services, audio restoration, sound design, and editing.  Let me help your project sound the best it can!
Darlkight Audio is Aaron Trimble Music.  I provide original soundtrack music for any and all visual media, including films, games, trailers, and apps.  I also offer other services listed below.  To hear some of my music, please visit my ever growing library of music on my  SoundCloud page.  If you do not hear the kind of music you are looking for your project, please contact me so I can learn more about your project.
I love stories and I want to help you tell yours with music.  Music is very important to story telling.  It tells the listener what to feel; It can make or break a moment scene.  Your project is very important to me and I put it above anything else.  That's why I work hard to create the mood and feeling to support and convey your message.  Enjoy the site and thanks for listening to my music. I can't wait to be a part of your project!
Darklight Services
For many services, pricing is heavily dependent upon your specific needs and budget.  Contact me so we can talk about your unique project.

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Soundtrack Music
Sound Design
Audio Production
Are you a musician who find my music inspiring?  I would love to produce your music!  I have helped several musicians produce music with soaring strings, ambient atmospheres, and gritty synths.  I have produced in EDM, pop, tralier music (obviously), singer/songwriter, and country genres and also find other generes interesting such as Hip-hop, metal (and its many sub genres), and indie rock.

I love movies!!!...ahem, sorry, got a little carried away ^_^ . If you have a film or documentary in need of music, look no further!  I compose in all genres, though drama and action are my strengths.  Contact me and lets talk about how to tell your story with music.

Ah, games, so many feels.  I love all genres of game music, from First Person Shooters, to RPGs, to 8-bit classics! (I use to play sandbox RPGs, then I took an arrow to the knee).
As I compose more and more music all the time, I find myself creating new and interesting sounds to keep my music fresh and new.  There are also many sounds in films and games that need to be created or altered in some way.  I would love to consult with you and help create the world you invision with designed sound.
Featured Music
Original Soundtrack and Trailer music
Here is the music I have posted on SoundCloud. You will find various genres of film, game, and trailer music, as well as produced tracks for commercial release.  Check out more on my Soundcloud page and on Youtube.  Click links below!
Featured Video

Game and Film soundtrack Reel